Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Christmas Vintage & Arts Market

I'm not working till 2 on saturday and tend to be someone who wastes the morning doing absolutley nothing, however this weekend i think i might check out this rather nice looking christmas market(even though i have absolutley no money at all)

It's on at 11 till 3pm at The Buszy. Last minute gifts to find im sure, or maybe just get some cheeky inspiration ;)

VEVO Go Shows: Florence + The Machine

I feel people tend to have mixed views on Florence and the Machine, and when she first came into the public eye i must admit i was unsure...but i think i have a lot of respect for her. Shes got a great original voice and style which had the UK rocking out all summer 2009, and shes still not gotten boring.
Wish i was at that gig. How cute is that venue!!!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

I Am Leaving - Blue Roses

I think this band suit this season so well. maybe its just because i got the album last winter, but i still feel thats as it plays the snow falls in time with the melody.

So... got a little excited to see an article on the exhibition i helped curate at Milton Keynes gallery.

heres the link to the article:(and a stunning picture of my goos friend michael at Thursdays launch)
"If a man has no tea in him, he is uncapable of understanding truth and beauty"-Japanese Proverb

So it's almost the end of my first term on Foundation art and design but it feels like i've been here for so much longer...and not in a bad way, i absolutley LOVE it. I really think my works developed.

Doing my UCAS applications tedious though, so i'm taking a break and after all the inspiration of other blogs, i thought i'd start one here goes :)