Thursday, 14 April 2011

Clocktower - Cute animation

Beautiful beautiful animation

Mogwai - Death Rays

My friend posted this on my facebook some time ago and i never got around to listening to it till recently. It's absolutely lovely so i had to share it with you.x

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

One "Green Lemon" to go

Being called up and told i should be in work wasn't the ideal start to my day but gave me the opportunity to make a start on my tea sampling. I wasn't in the mood for anything exotic so went for a safe option. Green Lemon . Walking back to work i could really smell the lemon. I give the tea a positive thumbs up, although i would advise removing the tea bag before too long so it doesn't over brew. But unlike other green lemon tea's it wasnt at all bitter, not too sweet. a good start i say. :)

Tea Monkey

Finally made a visit to Tea Monkey, the new tea shop in Midsummer Place. Feel a little guilty as i didnt even order tea, i got excited by the fact the served Spiced Apple :) so yummy.

However i have set myself a challenge, to try every tea on the Tea monkey menu, thats a total of 41 tea's including the flowering teas.

Hopefully my love of tea won't be diminished.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

A Bus Ticket and unlimited adventuring (continued)

So after a couple of drinks(a lemonade and a coke because we are so hardcore) we departed and continued our journey. Bought a beautiful bag from a shop called "Wyrdos", (which kind of went against me trying to stick to a day for under £5 but it was beautiful and i had to have it) and browsed through Hobgoblin, had a nosey down Tickford Arcade and by chance (or fate) stumbled across our intended destination The Watershed!/watershedmk. It was around 1ish that we found it, on a tuesday afternoon so was very quiet, but no awkward glaring, just a super friendly vibe. I'd love to see it when it's got a gig on, i can imagine the atmosphere is awesome...definatley going back sometime soon.

A Bus Ticket and unlimted adventuring

I've always complained that Milton Keynes is ridiculously boring, you can only really do stuff if you have money- bowling, shopping(oh how I wish I had money), cinema, clubbing etc. Everything seems to be based around the centre. But today i hoped to prove myself wrong.

It cost £3.50 for an all day bus pass, thats already 10p cheaper than getting to single journeys, and it's unlimited. So i bought me a ticket, got me some good company in the form of an old friend home from uni and ventured outside of the city centre toward Newport Pagnell. Risky considering that although we had a destination, neither of us knew exactley where it was we were headed or familiar with Newport Pagnell, but hey what is life if you don't take risks?

Shouldn't have drank so much lemonade. Bursting for the toilet walking lost around a place we didnt know we decided to wander into a quaint looking pub, "The Cannon". Now I've been to the Cannon before for their open mic night (check out the facebook page) and always enjoyed the chilled vibe, but walking in on a tuesday afternoon was so awkward, that weird silence as you walk in and all the locals turn their heads to glare at the imposters, and i'm not even exaggerating...they actually glared!!!

to be continued...

oh if only everyone would just dance

Today as i was browsing through clothes in new look, listening with content at their choice of music (Vampire Weekend) i experienced a slight fright when some guy started dancing at me, at first i panic slightly and went to walk away, then realised he had something wrong with himso smiled and let him carry on. i wish i had had the guts to join in. reminded me a bit of Duckie from Pretty in Pink and this classic scene. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Monday, 4 April 2011

Simon English: England Revisited

2010 1971 Came across this beautiful man in my "Oh Comely" magazine and felt i really had to share it with the world. In 1971 as an art student Simon English marked out locations on the map of England to spell out the word "England" and speant the summer hitch-hiking and walking to each location and photographing each place. In total he covered 5000 miles, visiting a total of 75 locations. In 2010 he revisited each place, discovering how much it had change over the years.

Lady on the train

It's odd or at least i think so how easily a person can make a decision or change their mind.

2 years ago (back when i was a simple but "complicated", so i thought, 17 year old) a conversation with a woman on a train from London changed my whole outlook on life. It's weird because i am unlikely to ever meet this woman again and i'm sure she has forgotten the whole episode anyway, and even if it's there, a fragment in her memory, i'm sure she wouldn't consider it to have had such a significant impact on my life at all.

I was always adamant that i'd study english literature at uni, or a joint degree with history. I was going to go to Cambridge Trinity College, a decision made purely on the fact that it looked like something from Pride and Prejudice (to be fair I'm pretty sure the grounds were used in the 2007 film starring Keira Knightley <3), thinking about it i don't even think they offered my course anyway.

Yet here i am studying on an art and design foundation course. My life has become an array of train and bus tickets from my daily commute, paint stained jeans and a satchel full of green tea bags and pencil sharpenings. But how did this come about from a hard working, brown nose book geek? It is certainly strange to think a conversation on an hour and a bit train ride could alter my future in such an extravagant way.

Within our conversation the woman identifies my two passions; music and art. To her it seemed odd for me to pursue something i didn't rave about, literature, as much as i love it(just bought 4 books :/) was not so much a part of me. I am an expressive person, a creative mind

and music and art where ways to release that. I think i thought english would take me onto a more successful career, however she taught me that;

if you are passionate enough about something and try hard in pursuing that than you can never fail-that and natural talent =success

who knows if that's true but it's what i now go by, so i am on my way to pursuing my passions. Don't be held back by the voice of society or what other people tell you. I have a 20 minute train ride every morning, a half hour walk from the station each way-pleanty of time to contemplate. I'm happy, i know i chose the right path.

Lady on the train, Thank you.

(found out as i was leaving the train that she ran a foot reading business(like palm reading but feet))