Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Mammal Hands - Kandaiki

Norwich based jazz trio

Hopefully i'll get round to seeing them live when i go back to uni

MK Festival Fringe

Over the weekend I was volunteering at the Milton Keynes Festival Fringe, an art based festival around the city. The festival has been on since the 10th July and ends this coming sunday, but it's been great.

I was helping out at the Safe Harbour, Beach Huts. The Festival Fringe placed six Beach Huts, each transformed by a commissioned artist, presenting exhibitions, film, sound and art performances.

Before i started on Sunday however i go to see the Giants Parade which was amazing. Here are some pictures;

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Dior Advert

I'm a bit obsessed with the Dior Addict advert atm. And when searching for the song i came across this video of the directors cut. The song is Stereo Total- I love you, ono and it's awesome

Monday, 16 July 2012


 As promised, here are some photos from the exhibition launch at the Buszy, Blank Canvas on Friday.
 So if you're in Milton Keynes over July then go pop in and have a look, work ranges from painting, illustration, digital print, installation and photography.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Persuasion. Jane Austen

I recieved this book as a present from Joe not long ago. Having admired Jane Austen for years, i thought it astonishing to me to realise i'd never actually completed a novel. My admiration came from film and tv adaptations of her work, which to me is deemed an insult to her writing. So i have decided to read her novels. Persuasion was an odd one to start with being one of her less famous novels, and the last of her completed novels. However it seemed fitting as it is perhaps the only one i haven't seen a film adaptation of.

I think i may have found my new favourite novel, i definatley recommend.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Poem...because i'm creative like that

Once i ate a ladybug and it made me feel quite ill,
then i ate a centipede and it gave me quite a thrill,
but when i ate a spider it was out to kill,
built a wed around my trachea
so now my voice sounds shrill.

I'll remember in the future
which bugs are tastiest
... which ones will make my stomach ache
and which will make me itch.

I'll try to avoid the eight legged ones
the dotty ones and the green
and offer me a hairy fly
and i'll think you obscene.

I recommend the dragonfly
definitely try the worm
just be careful to cook it through
or else you'll feel it squirm.

They're slimy and delicious
So give these bugs a try
They can be cooked in any way
Boil, pouch, roast or fry.

Poem By Roisin Callaghan


Last night around half past eleven i got a message of a friend who runs a gallery space in milton keynes. An artist had dropped out of this months group exhibition and he needed some work to fill the space. Having been working mostly with performance and sound this year and had very little wall based work, which was what he wanted. So i choose my favourite piece i'd done this year and offered it, however the space required at least another painting to fill, and he needed it by Thursday. So i set myself to do a painting, from scratch to go alongside the one i'd already done...and i successfully completed it with time to spare, which just shows i can work pretty solidly when i put my mind to it.

These will be displayed at the Buszy, Blank Canvas in this months exhibition. They're both of me with my face painted in clown make up...i like me as a clown.
Original painting. (Acrylic on fruit crate)

New painting (Acrylic on old screen) This should be landscape not portrait, i just couldn't manage to rotate it.

I'll hopefully have some photos up of the exhibition up soon.