Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Cambridge Folk festival

I've gone to this festival 17 times in my life, missing just two years of it since i was born, and i am yet to be disappointed. It's surreal! Think a mixture of the best of woodstock, latitude, hopfarm...and you might be skimming the surface. Never anywhere else have i seen so many hippies, so many people truly appreciating music for its true sense.

The festival offered a variety of traditional, country, chilled and new age folk. Guitar workshop from Newton faulkner, silent ceilidh from Jim Moray, signings from Frank Turner and Rumer and then just the casual passing of Conor O'Brien (Villagers) who was enjoying the general atmosphere along with everyone else.

Laura Marling performed a stunning set on main stage followed by the incredible Peatbog Faeries...who could imagine synth with folk music?

Laura Marling main stage

It was just AMAZING!!! Definatley have to go next year, and the year after and just forever really.

Leddra Chapman The Den


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