Monday, 10 February 2014

The fisherman and the maiden

A fisherman there was,
a handsome young man,
with eyes  like the sea,
hair coloured like sand.
And courted he was
by a young maiden fair,
with sapphire eyes
and long golden hair

And from her long locks
she knotted together
the strongest of nets
for all kinds of weather,
which then when cast out
into the water came back
 so full of fish
it seemed it could snap

For as we all know
or know so we should
the magic in love
is the least understood.
So powerful it is
that just from her hair
the love shone so strong
no net could compare,
And so consequentially
the fisherman he
was the most successful of fishermen
on all of the sea.
But don’t forget we shall not
that it would not have been so
had the maiden not loved him
and when her hair back did grow
The fisherman requested
that she knotted once more
a net twice as big
a net, but what for?
But though questions she had
question she did not
and knotted away
for what would get caught

Then taking the net
he took to the seas
and sailed the waves
led by the breeze
And when the horizon
the edge he did spy
he continued his adventure
he sailed through the sky

Up, up he did journey
up toward the moon
and as he travelled
he sang a soft tune
“For I love her so much “
“my love” he did sing
“I shall capture a star,
for to make her a ring.”

And so casting his net
a star he did find
a star to acknowledge
the love they would bind.

And with star in his net
back down he did go
to his love he did travel
with the star all aglow

And when her door she did answer
he got down on one knee
and requested her hand
and “yes” then said she

And so then they married
and how happy they are
with his nets to catch fish
and on her finger a star.

Roisin Callaghan

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