Tuesday, 12 April 2011

A Bus Ticket and unlimted adventuring

I've always complained that Milton Keynes is ridiculously boring, you can only really do stuff if you have money- bowling, shopping(oh how I wish I had money), cinema, clubbing etc. Everything seems to be based around the centre. But today i hoped to prove myself wrong.

It cost £3.50 for an all day bus pass, thats already 10p cheaper than getting to single journeys, and it's unlimited. So i bought me a ticket, got me some good company in the form of an old friend home from uni and ventured outside of the city centre toward Newport Pagnell. Risky considering that although we had a destination, neither of us knew exactley where it was we were headed or familiar with Newport Pagnell, but hey what is life if you don't take risks?

Shouldn't have drank so much lemonade. Bursting for the toilet walking lost around a place we didnt know we decided to wander into a quaint looking pub, "The Cannon". Now I've been to the Cannon before for their open mic night http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=7581868153 (check out the facebook page) and always enjoyed the chilled vibe, but walking in on a tuesday afternoon was so awkward, that weird silence as you walk in and all the locals turn their heads to glare at the imposters, and i'm not even exaggerating...they actually glared!!!

to be continued...

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