Monday, 4 April 2011

Lady on the train

It's odd or at least i think so how easily a person can make a decision or change their mind.

2 years ago (back when i was a simple but "complicated", so i thought, 17 year old) a conversation with a woman on a train from London changed my whole outlook on life. It's weird because i am unlikely to ever meet this woman again and i'm sure she has forgotten the whole episode anyway, and even if it's there, a fragment in her memory, i'm sure she wouldn't consider it to have had such a significant impact on my life at all.

I was always adamant that i'd study english literature at uni, or a joint degree with history. I was going to go to Cambridge Trinity College, a decision made purely on the fact that it looked like something from Pride and Prejudice (to be fair I'm pretty sure the grounds were used in the 2007 film starring Keira Knightley <3), thinking about it i don't even think they offered my course anyway.

Yet here i am studying on an art and design foundation course. My life has become an array of train and bus tickets from my daily commute, paint stained jeans and a satchel full of green tea bags and pencil sharpenings. But how did this come about from a hard working, brown nose book geek? It is certainly strange to think a conversation on an hour and a bit train ride could alter my future in such an extravagant way.

Within our conversation the woman identifies my two passions; music and art. To her it seemed odd for me to pursue something i didn't rave about, literature, as much as i love it(just bought 4 books :/) was not so much a part of me. I am an expressive person, a creative mind

and music and art where ways to release that. I think i thought english would take me onto a more successful career, however she taught me that;

if you are passionate enough about something and try hard in pursuing that than you can never fail-that and natural talent =success

who knows if that's true but it's what i now go by, so i am on my way to pursuing my passions. Don't be held back by the voice of society or what other people tell you. I have a 20 minute train ride every morning, a half hour walk from the station each way-pleanty of time to contemplate. I'm happy, i know i chose the right path.

Lady on the train, Thank you.

(found out as i was leaving the train that she ran a foot reading business(like palm reading but feet))

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