Saturday, 26 November 2011

Minotaur why so glum?

What better way to spend a Saturday, than lock yourself away to work on making a minotaur mask. I now need to wait for the papermache to dry and the painting it will be a task for another day.

Mythology, especially that of greek origin has become an interest of mine. The story of the minotaur is one a lot of people know of but may not necessarily know the full story, so here it is;

Minos ( a greek man) competed with his brother for the throne. He prayed to the god Poseidon(god of the sea and "earth shaker") for support, Poseidon sent Minos a white bull, which acsended from the sea for sacrifice. However the bull was beautiful and Minos could not bring himself to sacrifice such a stunning creature, and used one of his own for the sacrifice. However this angered Poseidon who as a punishment made Aphrodite (goddess of love) make Minos' wife fall in love with the white bull...(now this is where it gets x rated so if you are under the age of 15 divert your eyes now.)

Mino's wife got a craftsman to make for her a hollowed cow which she could climb inside, disguised as this she was able to copulate with the white bull. As a result of making? the minotaur was born. A monstrous monster, half bull, half man. Now the wife tried to raise the Minotaur-however being neither man nor beast could find no natural nourishment and so devoured man for sustainance. Obviously this wasnt great so a ridiculously complicated labyrinth was made to hold the Minotaur, a labyrinth where men were made to enter with no way out :/

I think everyone knows the rest so i'm going to leave it at that.


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