Sunday, 27 November 2011

Love this!

I've watched this at least 5 times in a row...and a couple more times none consecutively and thought i'd share it here because it's so lovely. I love the video and the interaction with other people. I want to go on holiday and make a short video/film from it. Planning on going to Paris in the summer with my two best friends which will be amazing, it's early days at the moment but its what im going to be saving no new clothes for a while. I'm renowned for my failed past plans...going to melbourne, going to lie in glasgow, making a coracle...but this one i'm going to make happen!!! (i'm also still going to go to melbourne and make a coracle...i just dont know when. As for the glasgow thing, that fell through when i didn't get in :/ although in hindsight its not too big an issue because i am in love with Norwich!)


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