Saturday, 17 December 2011

It's the 17th of December. Everyone has gone home for Christmas except me. So i'm pretty much alone in this beautiful city with no one to share it with. One more day at work and than i go on monday...which is exciting- although a suitcase, violin and bag of presents on a train and then a coach isn't ideal. On top of that im trying to use up food in the fridge, i've made uncountable batches of gingerbread and apple crumble, i have a victoria sponge in the oven and tomorrow i plan to make a banana loaf.

I left work to really heavy snow and set out to walk home in blizzard like conditions (slight exaggeration) and walked straight through an icy puddle which is always pleasent when you're in flimsy canvas shoes.

Every bone in my body is calling for home!

My camera is out of battery so i stole this picture from joe's blog here;


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