Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The beginning of a fairy tale

This(above) is my view on Mermaids, half woman, half fish...which half?

Laurel sat, her gaze cast outward toward the fading light on the horizon, another night to follow another day. The suns rays grasped the ocean surface clinging on until at long last the worlds orbit pulled her away and darkness swallowed all. Darkness is a funny thing, it gives the illusion that the world has disappeared and you are alone, darkness is witchcraft, darkness is fear, darkness is a curse.

Laurel was cursed. An eternity alone, and why? Mermaids are wicked creatures, throwing aside any mis-conceptions that these fairy-tales brainwash us with. Mermaids are vain beings, and this vanity shrouds any ounce they have of goodness. They lure ships to their doom and why, so that they can see the mens gaze as it falls upon them, the looks of lust and wonder, until they note her lower half...a scaly fish like tail protruding from her torso, and then...horror as her ego is crushed and she watches the mast sink down, pulled down by the current. Laurel was different however, her heart was there.
If one could go back in time there are a number of things they would change I'm sure, and Laurel like many other's had regrets. For example she would not have swam from her wedding day, had she known of the consequences at hand. Laurel was not rich, her father was not a king and if the family hoped to grow wealthy it was down to Laurel to make that happen. But Laurel like all girls longed for true love and Maurice was not a man one could ever fall for. His puke coloured hair and scaly skin, next to those teeth was enough to repulse anyone into refusing him, yet Maurice was rich and powerful and he would ensure the families welfare.

to be continued...

Saying that i'm quite unsure when it'll be continued, or whether it's worth continuing. What do you think?


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