Thursday, 21 June 2012

New York

Having been back from America for over a week now i though it was about time i posted about it.

New York is amazing, there's so much to do there, although not being 21 for another 2 months left me pretty limited in the evenings. Two days was not enough at all, not to cover everything i wanted to, especially when having to consider other people in our party. We did all the touristy stuff, the stuff you cannot come back from New York without being able to say you'd done it.

The first day we walked down Broadway,we visited the ground 0 site, did a boat tour of the coast which covered the Statue of Liberty, the brooklyn bridge and the manhatten skyline. We went to Grenich village which was lovely, got turned away from a number of bars and bought some New York cheesecake.

The second day we went to the Empire State building, up to the 86th floor and admired the view, took a stroll down times square, central park and into the Moma ( as an art student its considered illegal to leave New York without visiting at least one gallery), found The Strand, 18 miles of books, i think we speant at least an hour in there, and then Allabaster Books, which was another amazing bookstore.

I definatley need to go again, at the legal drinking age and for longer, There's so much there to see, gallerys, shops, cafes.

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