Monday, 28 May 2012

Sad seaside village

Adventures often pop up and suprise you, and often they are the most insightful ones. Last weekend I went on a Norfolk holiday with some friends from uni and we went on a bike ride. On seeing a sign post pointing to Happesborough our quick trip to the village shop for milk, turned into a full blown 5 mile bike ride to the disappearing seaside village. Happesborough is known in England as the village that is quite literally falling into the sea.
One path quite suddenly stops where the road has fallen and all that remains is a jagged cliff edge overlooking the beach. A stairway stands unattached to anything, a temporary structure suspended in time.

Happesborough fasinated me, the beacheds covered in debris, the abandoned houses on the edge of the cliff, the desolate caravan park-one house stood quite stubbornly right next to the drop, the windows replaced by wood having been smashed in by the wind with a handwritten sign reading;
                               "This house is still lived in and will be until the sea gets too close!" 
(i thought the sea was already too close)
All the surrounding houses have already been evacuated and demolished, so this little house stands quite alone. It made me think of the old man in "UP" who refuses to move, and i really hope one day soon balloons with rise from the broken tiling and off it will fly.
It was all quite sad really, but then Happesborough isn't exactly a happy place, the sea is eating it.

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