Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Poem...because i'm creative like that

Once i ate a ladybug and it made me feel quite ill,
then i ate a centipede and it gave me quite a thrill,
but when i ate a spider it was out to kill,
built a wed around my trachea
so now my voice sounds shrill.

I'll remember in the future
which bugs are tastiest
... which ones will make my stomach ache
and which will make me itch.

I'll try to avoid the eight legged ones
the dotty ones and the green
and offer me a hairy fly
and i'll think you obscene.

I recommend the dragonfly
definitely try the worm
just be careful to cook it through
or else you'll feel it squirm.

They're slimy and delicious
So give these bugs a try
They can be cooked in any way
Boil, pouch, roast or fry.

Poem By Roisin Callaghan

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