Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Last night around half past eleven i got a message of a friend who runs a gallery space in milton keynes. An artist had dropped out of this months group exhibition and he needed some work to fill the space. Having been working mostly with performance and sound this year and had very little wall based work, which was what he wanted. So i choose my favourite piece i'd done this year and offered it, however the space required at least another painting to fill, and he needed it by Thursday. So i set myself to do a painting, from scratch to go alongside the one i'd already done...and i successfully completed it with time to spare, which just shows i can work pretty solidly when i put my mind to it.

These will be displayed at the Buszy, Blank Canvas in this months exhibition. They're both of me with my face painted in clown make up...i like me as a clown.
Original painting. (Acrylic on fruit crate)

New painting (Acrylic on old screen) This should be landscape not portrait, i just couldn't manage to rotate it.

I'll hopefully have some photos up of the exhibition up soon.

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