Wednesday, 29 June 2011

French films and tea

Last night my sister proposed we watch some french films her friend leant her. Having no clue how to speak or understand french we had the subtitles on and were soon submerged in the story. I think subtitles mean you have to pay more attention, however it can get irritating missing some beautiful shots to read them.

French cinema is a new like for me i believe.

Picture; Jean Seberg in Breathless

I'm not great at film reviews so thought i'd share a passage from one i found online about Breathless;

"Breathless, then, is about the freedom with which they talk in bed together, and the control Godard as the filmmaker has over what they say. The lighting is completely natural and therefore a little dark, but when accompanied by the cigarette smoke it’s just way too beautiful, without the cinematographer having spent a dime. In fact, the cinematographer didn’t really pay for any equipment at all. The camera is cheap and handheld, the tracking shots filmed simply by the cameraman being pushed along whilst seated in a wheelchair. Godard didn’t even get a professional editor. When it turned out the film was about half an hour longer than it needed to be for official release, he just trimmed it, cutting away any parts inside a scene that seemed boring, leaving Breathless with that jagged and jumpy feel still beloved of action films to this day"

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