Friday, 3 June 2011

Lost and Found present Dream Screen

So it finally happened and what a success. Lost and Found's Dream Screen turned out to be awesome(bit biased i guess being part of the group)The number of people that turned up was just amazing, ran out of mats and pillows. Milk and cookies went down well ;)

"Join Lost & Found as they present a screening with a difference.
Dream Screen will feature a series of short films inspired by
the concept of dreams, which will be projected onto the ceiling.

Viewers will then be asked to lay on the ground, heads on pillows,
as they listen to the films through wireless headphones in order to
create a surreal and immersive experience."

Some of the film submissions we showed;

Dean Kissick - On Pleasure Island

Fran├žois Chevalier - Le Canular

Luke Williams - Spinnach

Christ Haupt - Restless

Jason Impey - Desire

Daryn Castle - OAP

Wojtek Skowron - Intelligent Design

Sarah Kay-Untitled

Wojtek Skowron - Urban Legend

Derek Spencer - Sun Day

Millie Luck-Untitled

Fran├žois Chevalier - Le Reve Trompeur

*and a huge thanks to illustration student Lauren for her beautiful image

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