Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Sea and the maiden

There once was a woman
who was courted by many
but her one love was the sea.
So after turning down the hands of many amiable and handsome,
rich and humble men
she turned her eyes to the sea;

"Oh my love" she whispered
"my love" said she
"why can i find no man like thee,
so vast, so deep, so uncontrollably free
you are the only one for me."

And with her words the waves surged in
wanting her, grasping at her bare feet
but a las this love could never be
for the sea would surely devour her.

So from it's depths sea created a man
to match it in its beauty,
Pearls for his teeth, his hair perfect waves
his eyes the deepest of blues
Yet the man could not speak for the sea has no voice
but still he went ashore.

On seeing her love the woman she cried
tears of perfect happiness
As the one that she loved did ascend from the tides
In all his beauty, his eyes so wise
as the sea has seen many centuries of lives.

So the two of them married
and for many years lived together
happy in eachother arms

but as time went on the sea grew sad
for there were still many adventures to be had
still many boats to sail the oceans
still many creatures to roam the depths.

And so one night when the moon was high
the Sea looked at his wife and bid her goodbye
and with one step he was gone with the tide
leaving the woman with tears in her eyes.

For to her the greatest adventure had been
the love they had shared, the happy times she had seen
so stripping of her clothes she ran into the waves
into her lovers arms to be saved.

The Sea and the maiden
the maiden and the Sea
until the end of days
together will be.

By Roisin Callaghan

I spent the weekend in a house by the Norfolk coast, i wrote this on the beach.

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