Thursday, 10 May 2012


Tonight walking home i really appreciated the recent downpours. It's a beautiful evening, mild with a breeze, the scent of blossom in the air, the freshness that follows the rain, and while everyone complains sure they cannot help but appreciate the lushous green that now fills each and every garden.

Final hand in for this year is on Monday, and i cannot wait to sit back and enjoy summer. It feels so weird to think it's already been a year, as i grow older the years certainly seem to be getting shorter which means i should really make the most out of them.

I had a lovely weekend just gone. On Saturday i finally managed to drag myself to the Stew Gallery and Norwich's famous flea market which was full of treasures...not that i bought anything, being a poor student and all. A quaint tea stop at Franks Bar and then the artist book fair at the Forum(Norwich library) which just put me in a creative mood, which unfortunatley wore of fairly quickly. But overall it was a lovely day which beautiful company.

                   And this month has so many treats in store;
1. Hand in on Monday which means partying for the rest of the week.
2. I'm spending next weekend in a seaside town in Norfolk with my housemates for next year which will be lovely i'm sure.( hopefully the weather will improve and we will be basking in sunshine)
3. The end of term which means the end of my first year here at NUCA, whether this should be considered a treat i'm unsure. Second year will mean lots more work, and i'm going to miss Norwich over the summer.
4. Seeing my sisters and my mum of to Zambia. I really wish i could go but it clashes with;
5. NEW YORK AND FLORIDA- this is probably going to be the highlight of my year and i cannot wait.

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